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Our story

The dream called Torneria Friulana del Legno was established by the visionary mind of Marcello Mazzon, who along with his brothers Maurice and Narciso founded the company in 1963.

The passion, knowledge and the care taken in the production processes have been transmitted to subsequent generations. Today, Marcello and Maurizio’s children direct the company according to the founding philosophy of their fathers.


Torneria Friulana has always been committed to achieving excellence in processes and products.

Our objectives in terms of quality are measurable and are checked daily and continuously. The positivity of our management helps to create a working environment that fosters the achievement of these objectives.

Our company is composed of about thirty people.

Everyone participates in the production process by sharing their experience and their knowledge, in order to develop the best products.

Employees understand and fulfil their specific responsibilities within the production process to benefit the quality of the products.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to understand their vision and meet their needs and

expectations because from the their point of view, the quality they receive is a measure of our performance.

Torneria Friulana del legno

Mazzon family

Torneria Friulana del Legno

Our material

Environmental policy

Wood is a renewable resource and neutral in terms of CO2 emissions.

In comparison to other materials, the process of transforming wood uses a lower level of energy.

Torneria Friulana produces products with a long life cycle, while respecting the environment. Even our processes comply with these principles.

We minimize wastage of raw materials and electrical energy.

We prevent noxious pollutant emissions wherever possible, therefore, we try to reduce the environmental impact of our transport.

Our current position is consistent with our vision for the future – we constantly update our green policies to ensure sustainable growth in production.

Certifications and international tests

Our clients give us positive evaluation in audits and international certificate inspections.

Their aim is to export their production all over the world, mostly in the contract sector.

In terms of sustainability and product certifications, in 2013 we have obtained FSC® Certification (FSC-C117644) which ensures our customers solid wood products from responsibly harvested and verified forests that meet FSC® demanding environmental social and economical standards.


We also handle technical certifications independently through internationally recognized laboratories like the CATAS, managing the handling of the material together with its complete documentation.

The best partner in supporting your success

To protect our customers investiments we undersign Confidential Agreements to build a solid and long-lasting partnership.


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